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Create a Better Tomorrow Using Solar Power System in Bunbury
Are you frustrated with having no electricity during a power outage or with increasing power bills?
The good news is, you can now use sun power to operate your electrical appliances and equipment during a power outage. It is the conversion of solar energy into electricity using photo voltaic (PV) solar panels, which are often placed on a roof or the ground. Bunbury Solar Power is your trusted specialists in solar power solutions for all your solar energy needs and installation service.
One of the best solar energy features is that you can use it for residential and commercial purposes. The use of solar panels is an excellent way of saving money on electricity, decreasing your home’s environmental impact, and delivering a lot of unique advantages, such as supporting local businesses and promoting energy independence. Servicing your solar power system is also the most effective way to ensure that it is functioning at maximum efficiency and, most importantly, that it is safe for you and your family.

At Bunbury Solar Power, they specialise in consultation and installation of solar energy systems to industrial and commercial clients. A wide range of industrial and commercial renewable energy applications provide comprehensive designs, from residential solar power to off grid systems, and other solar power services. Along with their solar installers and contractors, they can offer complete solutions that are suited to the needs and investments of the clients. So whether you’re a homeowner or operating a small or a large commercial business, they will ensure that you have sustainable solar power for years to come.

Solar Power Planning and Installation Services

Residential Solar Power

Get the best solar system for your home. Bunbury Solar Power specialists guarantee that your overall system is safe, functional, and maximises energy savings. We will keep your solar power running smoothly and efficiently.

Commercial Solar Power

Regardless of how big or small your industry or business is, rest assured that installing solar power is a perfect energy solution that will benefit your business. We will provide commercial solar installations using high yielding solar panels that have been proven to be effective.

Battery Storage Systems

Upgrade your existing solar power safely and cost effectively with Bunbury Solar Power’s advanced solar battery storage system for your home and business. With battery storage such as the Tesla Power wall or Tesla batteries, you can get the most out of your solar panels.

Off Grid Systems

If you live in a remote area with no access to grid electricity, an off grid system is the best option for you. Off the grid solar systems are self-sufficient in terms of generating enough energy to be stored and utilised at night or when the power grid is down. Being off the grid can be intimidating, but you can start enjoying the advantages today with Bunbury Solar Power with Off Grid System.

How Do Solar Panels Generate Electricity?

Photons (energy particles) are transformed into electrons when sunlight hits solar panels. Electrons are converted into direct current (DC) energy when they flow through the cells of a solar panel. This power is transmitted to a solar inverter, transforming it into alternating current (AC) power. After the solar energy is converted from DC to AC electricity, it is transported via your electrical system and distributed throughout your home to power your appliances. It operates in the same way as the electricity supply generated by your electric power provider through the use of the grid, therefore nothing inside the home needs to be changed.

Solar Power Maintenance Services

Are you experiencing problems with your solar power system?
Most solar businesses will install a new system but will not maintain it on a regular basis. Solar power’s lifespan may be decreased if it is not maintained correctly, but a well maintained solar power system with high-quality components will last for many years. That’s why, Bunbury Solar Power provides an annual safety and performance assessment to ensure that you have the best solar experience possible.

Their team of installers are fully qualified to identify and repair any technical problems and performance issues. Their solar power maintenance includes comprehensive solar panel cleaning, energy monitoring, solar system repairs, and more. Solar Power in Bunbury is focused on providing a range of quality services to guarantee that your solar system is performing at its best every day.

Why is Solar Power a smart choice?

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If you want to talk to a solar power firm to find out the best solar equipment for your home or business, Bunbury Solar Power will help you with all of your solar needs and issues. From designing a custom solar system, installing solar panels and battery storage systems to maintenance and repairs, rest assured that your solar installation is in good hands. They also provide honest recommendations and advice to meet their energy needs today and in the future at an affordable price.
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